The benefits of the pomodoro technique

According to Forbes, "The Pomodoro technique is a popular method of time management invented by the Italian Francesco Cirillo".


  1. Helps you tackle procrastination
  2. Holds you accountable
  3. You manage time better with improved planning
  4. You avoid distractions
  5. Improves your motivation

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How it works

During his experiments Cirillo discovered that "you could learn how to improve your effectiveness and be better able to estimate how long a task will take to complete by recording how you utilizs your time".

The technique also aids in avoiding procrastination by commiting to a small unit of time which implies breaking a big task in smaller chunks that can reasonably be done in that unit of time and taking a break afterwards.

This way you feel that you made progress and gain momentum.

The task does not feel that daunting since it is broken into smaller steps.


The technique is easy to understand and perform. It is a simple process, divided into four simple steps.

  1. Choose a task or project to work on
  2. Start the timer.
  3. Work on chosed task
  4. When the timer ends, take a 5-minute break.

Take a 15-minute break after completing 4 rounds of pomodoro technique.

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