The benefits of proper sleep hygiene

Lack of sleep at night can make you feel bad the next day. And, in time, it can be more of a nuisance than just your mood.

Studies show that getting quality sleep on a regular basis can help you improve all sorts of problems, from blood sugar to training results.

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  1. More alert / perceptive brain.

    Because sleep plays an important role in both learning and memory.

  2. Better mood.

    Another thing that your brain does while you sleep is the processing of your emotions. Your mind needs this time to recognize and react correctly.

  3. Healthier heart.
  4. Motivation.

    Lack of sleep affects your motivation, which helps you get to the finish line.

  5. Sports achievement.

    In addition to draining your energy, you will see slower reaction times, time to repair your muscles, and more difficult mental and physical challenges.

  6. Weight control.

    When you are well rested, you are less hungry. Lack of sleep affects the hormones in the brain, leptin and ghrelin, which control appetite.

  7. Improved immune system. Continuous sleep deprivation changes the way immune cells work. It may not attack as quickly and you may get sick more often.

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