All-in-One wellness program for professionals

Increase Productivity and leave Burnout behind in an easy and gamified manner

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Digital wellness program

We propose a digital wellness program used to tackle burnout and increase productivity that is easy to do and gamified

The techniques used are based on scientific proof, are unreasonably effective and battle-tested in practice

For more information, check outthe science behind Wellnessentially.

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Reduce stress and be more present with Breathing Exercises

Count your blessings and enjoy better health and happiness with the Gratitude Journal


Be healthier, more energized and stronger

Workouts have been proven to be the most effective way for maintaining a healthy life

Sleep is the bedrock of productivity. Having an optimal sleep means having optimal performance. Use our Sleep checklist to improve your sleep

Being as little as 1-3% dehydrated significantly affects your activity and performance. Our Hydration feature helps you drink enough water.

Having eye strain and low vision decreases morale and lowers productivity, Vision relaxation might be what you need to improve it


Maintain healthy habits with our checklists or add your own

Avoid procrastination and improve planning with the Pomodoro technique


Progress cannot be seen without measurement

Multiple types of survey for tracking burnout and mood


You receive points for every task you complete and JOEY is happy

When you grow, JOEY grows too!

Founders note

It's been more than a year since the pandemic started and people are as burned out as ever

Modern work is challenging. Some days may be too overwhelming or too stressful to continue

That's why we created, with help from expert advisors, an all in one solution with science based tools and habits

Gamification techniques help you stick to what is good for you and increase your chances of success

Cristi Minica
CEO & Co-Founder
Wellness community manager @Toptal

Radu Carlig
CTO & Co-Founder

See if you are burned out and what to do about it