Improve your workforce Engagement and Wellbeing

Unengaged employees lead to a lack of creativity and low productivity. Change this with Wellnessentially.
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How it works?

1. Book your demo

Book a call with us by clicking the button below.

2. Intro call

30-minute meeting with our team to discuss your specific needs, challenges, and goals to understand how Wellnessentially can best serve your organization.

3. Receive a custom proposal

Tailored proposal with detailed information on how our platform can meet your company's unique needs.

4. Employee onboarding

We provide resources and support to help your employees onboard and use Wellnessentially. This includes guides, FAQ's, chat bot, video tutorials, and 24/7 support.

5. Monthly challenges

Each month has a different focus, such as a "Step Challenge" for physical activity, a "Mindfulness Challenge" for mental health, or a "Healthy Eating Challenge" for nutrition.

6. Workplace wellbeing programs Implementation

Measure and improve employee engagement, team dynamics. Instal rewards and recognition for completing challenges or achieving specific goals.

7. Ongoing support and data analysis

Enjoy continuous support from our team, including regular check-ins and data analysis to ensure the program's effectiveness and to make any necessary adjustments.

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Transform Your Workforce into a Community with Team Challenges

A sense of community can help employees feel more engaged, supported, and motivated at work.

By engaging in wellness challenges together, your people will build stronger bonds and feel more connected to one another. When challenges arise, a united workforce isn't just happier; it's more resilient, creative, and effective.

Minimize Procrastination with Smart Planning

Procrastination is a major blocker to productivity, and inefficient planning can increase this problem.

The Wellnessentially platform offers smart tools to transform chaotic calendars into streamlined success stories, cutting procrastination and elevating efficiency.

Boost Wellbeing with Healthy Work Habits

Healthy habits at work can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

We arm your team with tools that turn good habits into daily routines, sharpening focus and supercharging engagement at work.

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Corporate Wellness 365 program

One year-round holistic wellness calendar, tailored to deliver the best employee experience and engagement.

What's in it for you?

1. Enhanced employee wellbeing

Our holistic approach improves overall employee health, addressing physical, mental, and social aspects to boost wellbeing.

2. Increased productivity

By promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing stress, our platform helps enhance focus and efficiency, leading to increased workplace productivity.

3. Reduced stress levels

Features like mindfulness exercises and stress management tools help in significantly lowering workplace stress, fostering a more relaxed environment.

4. Improved employee engagement

Engaging wellness challenges and interactive content keep employees motivated and connected, enhancing their engagement with the company.

5. Better team cohesion

Group activities and challenges promote teamwork and camaraderie, strengthening interpersonal relationships among employees.

6. Reduced Healthcare Costs

By promoting preventive health measures and regular physical activity, Wellnessentially helps in reducing overall healthcare costs for the company.

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