Improve your workforce Health and Wellbeing

Unmanaged employee stress leads to disengagement, a lack of creativity, and low productivity. Change this with Wellnessentially.
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You are a People Manager
You need to attract and retain top talents
You know that your team's well being affects productivity, and creativity
Your employees are stressed and not engaged in their work
You've tried traditional wellness programs, but they lack engagement and measurable results
And you need a holistic solution that delivers real value and helps you handle all these issues.

We got you covered

We are Wellnessentially, we're on a mission to revitalize your workforce through strategic wellness programs.

If traditional wellness programs have left you frustrated and your team disengaged, we're the ones who make well-being understandable, actionable, and impactful.

What we can do for you?

We can transform your Team's Wellbeing with:

Digital Wellness Diagnostics

Zero in on stress, engagement, and burnout

Customized Wellness Programs

Mental, physical, and emotional health tailored to your team

ROI-Driven Outcome Reports

Translate wellbeing into measurable business impact

Sharpen Minds Boost Creativity

Stress isn't just tough on your team, it hits your bottom line hard. It's the cause behind the lack of productivity and empty desks.

Our wellness platform is the antidote. It's packed with simple mindfulness exercises that melt stress away and spark a creative fire in every employee.

Boost Wellbeing with Healthy Work Habits

Healthy habits at work can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

We arm your team with tools that turn good habits into daily routines, sharpening focus and supercharging engagement at work.

Minimize Procrastination with Smart Planning

Procrastination is a major blocker to productivity, and inefficient planning can increase this problem.

The Wellnessentially platform offers smart tools to transform chaotic calendars into streamlined success stories, cutting procrastination and elevating efficiency.

Transform Your Workforce into a Community with Team Challenges

A sense of community can help employees feel more engaged, supported, and motivated at work.

By engaging in wellness challenges together, your people will build stronger bonds and feel more connected to one another. When challenges arise, a united workforce isn't just happier; it's more resilient, creative, and effective.

Corporate Wellness 365 program

One year-round holistic wellness calendar, tailored to deliver the best employee experience and engagement.

STEPathON 100K

A dynamic one-month competition where teams race to accumulate the most steps. Sync your steps via your phone, vie for weekly raffle prizes, and aim for top spots on live leaderboards. Engage in healthy competition, win exciting rewards, and foster team spirit!

Improve your workforce

Health and Wellbeing

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