Challenges Onboarding Guide

Steps for onboarding

  1. Download the Wellnessentially app for Android or iOS or Huawei.

  2. Create an account using your work email address(ex: instead of

  3. Once you have created your account with the work email address, you will be automatically added to your organization (can double check in app, under Profile -> Settings -> Organization). If this did not happen, talk to your manager to receive an organization code.

  4. Enable Health or Google Fit sync in the app, under Profile -> Settings -> Health.

  5. At this moment you should have the challenge in the app. Proceed and register.

  6. If the challenge is individual, you can start competing, otherwise you must create a new team or join an existing team via a code received from your team leader. Now you can start competing.

  7. If something does not work for you or the instructions are not clear please check the FAQ or contact us