Stepathon - Season 2 - Rules

Disrespecting the rules means disqualification.


The competition will run for one calendar month and registrations are open one calendar month before the actual start of the competition.

The competition will end on the last day of the calendar month at 23:59.

After the end of the competition, the participants have the obligation to open the application to update the data.

Participants will be able to send their data in the 24 hours after the competition end. Data updates made 24 hours after the end of the competition will not be taken into account.

The final score of the team will be calculated according to the number of steps counted by the Wellnessentially app during the competition by all team members.

In order to be eligible, the steps counted should come from a single mobile phone with Android or iOS operating systems that are compatible with the Wellnessentially application. If another phone is used with the same account, the original data will be discarded and the data from the second phone will be used for that account.

Teams will consist of a maximum of 3 members. Each player must be part of a team, even if they are the only member of that team.

Participants will be able to create teams, join teams or leave a team in the registration phase.

After the competition has started, teams will be frozen and participants will not be able to create, join or leave a team.

To be eligible, counted steps must come from a single Android or iOS mobile phone that is compatible with the Wellnessentially app and has the Wellnessentially app installed. If the user changes the phone during the competition, the user must notify the organizers in writing, to the email address, within 24 hours after changing the devices, to transfer the points already accumulated between the devices.

Fair Play

Only the steps counted by the Wellnessentially application will be used.

Use real data! It is strictly prohibited change the real number of steps by introducing a higher number or using other methods to create fake data. Manual inputs cannot be used and will be discarded.

Do not give the fitness tracker or the phone to another person. Only your activity should be tracked.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the synchronization process with third-party applications, the only supported synchronization application is "HealthSync".


The Top 3 teams will be awarded prizes. The prizes will be communicated at a later time before the competition starts.

We will publish at least weekly the leaderboards in the application so that anybody can track their ranking position.

The winners have the obligation to allow the organizers to validate the data by giving access to the phone or fitness tracker.

Only the organizers consider the data is valid or invalid, their decision is final and cannot be contested.

The prizes will be sent to the winning company's headquarters that is in Romania and nearest to Craiova. The organizers are not responsible for any delays or losses in the mail.


Use decent language and respect for all the people involved in this project, including participants and organizers.

The organizers are absolved of any responsibility with regard to potential accidents or negative effects on the contestant health.

Try to be safe at al times, stay hydrated and keep an eye on the traffic. In case you are not feeling well, don't hesitate to call 112 and ask for help.

In case there are issues involving COVID-19, respect the authorities recommendations.

In case of "force majeure" event types, the organisers are exonerated from any legal responsibility.

The organizers reserve the right to change the present Rules, even during the competition, without harming the rights of the competitor with regard to the prizes that are won or announced.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain the quality of our services.


By being part of the competition, the contestants accept unconditionally the right of the organizers to create content, including statistics, and publish the created content. The contestants do not have any claims about the content or the publication of the content.